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Poster „koszulkowy”

Julka Piskorska was born on 24 July in Lubartów, close to Lublin (east of Poland, Europe). Julka was born with fibular hemimelia. It means that she simply lacks fibula bones. Also calcaneus (heel bone), talus bones and metatarsal bones are missing.

Until very recently the only solution was the amputation of limbs and use of prosthesis. Nowadays, there is a way to save Julka's legs. Dr Paley at Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute in the United States successfully operates similar conditions. The kids operated by Dr Paley got on their feet, walk and even run. Dr Paley is already familiar with Julka's case and ready to perform the surgery, estimating that there is a good chance for success.

The main obstacle is the cost of Julka's treatment in the United States. The cost of both legs treatment exceeds 300 000 USD (i.e. almost 1 million PLN or well over 200 000 EURO).

Another Julka's enemy is the time: the surgery has to be performed between 18 and 24 months of life. Julka turned one just few days ago, and, so far, her family managed to gather only 10% of the amount needed.